Skeptical About Ferry

Not that we get a lot of tourists in our kind of store but a lot of people in this town has been quite skeptical about the Ferry starting in time.  Another 50 something days from what I’ve heard and so many red tapes still not cleared.  A few days ago, I read that the Ferry needed some kinda American commission approval.

One main issue that still needs to be worked out is the required approval for the service by the United States’ Federal Maritime Commission. The commission would not allow Nova Star Cruises to advertise fares or start taking reservations until it had a financial bond in place that could compensate ferry travellers in the event of cancelled tickets. The province of Nova Scotia assisted the ferry company by freeing up $2 million – of the up to $21 million the province has committed towards the ferry service – so it can be held in a reserve if needed.

So while a lot of ppl here are pretty skeptical from what I’ve read on facebook, of course, I’m still hoping for the Ferry to come.  But having the ferry come in at 8am in the morning would mean that there is no layover – so how will the town benefit ?  I’ve yet to see.

Health Program For Employees

Health program isn’t uncommon with companies that I’ve worked with and as an incentive companies do contract health provider to give massages like the  deep tissue massage  that I had to their employees.  I’m sure you are probably envious right now as most of my friends were but massages are said to be stress reliever for employees who worked long hours.

I wished employers here would do the same for their employees as an incentive of course, now that would be a bonus for all employees I would say and I’ll be the first to join the company.  But with a small business like ours, I doubt the boss would do that for me but I’ll ask nicely and maybe he would sponsor me for a massage.

Employees Handling Of Town

Last year, the town terminated the services of its airport manager without giving a solid reason to the people of the town.  So everyone speculated wildly and widely about what was going on.

A week ago, the town terminated the town planner after he had been in this job for more than 20 years.  Shocking ??  very !  don’t get me wrong, i have nothing to do with the town planner, in fact we have little to do with him.  But yes, the termination was so quick and fast and again without a lot of explanation, it has left this small town with a lot of speculation once again.

Is the new Mayor doing a good job?  is the new elected town councils doing a good job?  we are not into the town’s politics but you and I know that the town planner’s job should not be taken lightly and as long as he isn’t cheating the town’s money, I really cannot see how one can terminate the services of someone who have had been having this job for 20 years.

Again, I’m saying this because we don’t know the whole story and we might not know either in the future, but darn, I don’t wanna work for the town or have my kids work for the town in the future too if things were handled this way.

Stage Lamps

Stage lamps are not common around here, so when a customer wants to get one in town, we recommended that he gets a  american dj par 64a at guitar center  because that was where I found one with a very good price and warranty on it.  Like I’ve always said before, we don’t carry the product ourselves, we first look for them around town for our customers and if we still can’t find them locally, we will find one that we can order for our customers online.  We can just about find anything they want online as long as they give us ample time to source it for them.

Going To The City

Yes, despite the fact that we don’t have someone to help open the store while we go to the city, we are still going.  Nothing is impossible in our vocabulary and customers will and can understand why we need time off without an employee.  They will just have to miss us for a day or two and they will survive I am very sure.

So to all those people out there who are thinking of quitting and giving your boss a hard time, let me tell you no one is indispensable and if you think that you are doing your boss a favor by working, you are so wrong.

Used Fender Amp

I loved fender amps and a  fender starcaster  is one that I’m looking out for and I’m hoping that one will come into our store eventually.  Now if you have a vintage bass fender, I will get it off anyone’s hand because they are hard to come by.  I’ve just been given a lesson by someone who owns a number of fender and am very intrigue in collecting some for re-selling at our store.  For someone who is not really that into musical instrument, I sure know a lot about Fender, I will take just about anything from Fender because you and I know that they are made for pros.

Intern Jobs

While bigger businesses have lots of internship, small businesses has been asked to be a role model to high school kids as well and offer internship to these kids who are about to graduate from high school.  We of course, have been asked many a times to train and provide internship positions as well but have yet had any success with it.

This year is no different, we have been approached once again not only by the school but by other people as well.  I’m all for internship because, it will be our chance to give back to the community but being such a small store, the intern will be bored really soon.  So how do I create a viable internship for these kids as well as make the boss interested in taking in an intern?

I threw the question out to the boss again this week but he said that he was too busy to train some one this year because it had been a lot busier since our “friend” quit the store.  We have had more computers come into the store for repairs and more rentals of late and more people coming in to buy consoles as well as movies and games.  I have no idea why the sudden surge of customers but I ain’t gonna complain at all.

But it is a few months more till summer, so I am still hopeful to bring in one or two intern this year.

Trumpet Stands

A customer came in asking if we sold  trumpet stands  , unfortunately we don’t have any and i haven’t seen one before.   So I told him that I know where he could get one of course online, since I have a trusty site I go to for all musical instrument.  I certainly wished we did have one to sell him there and then but because we never did get a lot of request for a trumpet stand, we didn’t bring any in.  I’m going to be ordering at least 2 for standby, just in case we have another trumpet player looking for a stand.  Don’t want to disappoint the customer/s right?

Why Are People So Stinky?

Is it me or is it the people coming into the store that stinks?  oh my God! i kid you not, some people are so stinky, I can smell them even before they get to the counter from where I’m sitting.  And if you know the layout of our store, you would know that I sit very far from the counter, yet I can smell their smelly smell.  I’m not offended but other customers are and they turn around and walk outta the store which makes us look bad and make us lose our business.  But how do you tell smelly people not to be so smelly or get a shower sometimes? pray tell without offending anyone?

Amp For Guitar

 Amps like the above seems to be a big sell at our store and one can get an  ultrasound amplifier at musicians friend  for a very good price.  So the boss and I are thinking of getting some in to re-sell at our store.  To be honest, I rather make less money and reselling new stuff than pre-used amps because we cannot give the same kind of warranty like we want to, to our customers.  Of course, one can get more expensive amps if we wanted to for reselling but our market for amps are not for high end ones, our market is still soft here.  So for now, we are going to look for something like the above for reselling at our store.


Yes! we are backlogged having 7 to 8 computers/laptops coming in everyday.  So instead of 24hrs service, we have to say 2 days now.  But the boss is trying his best to finish repairing all the computers/laptops asap.  But I guess we are quite famous these days with computer repairs just by word of mouth.

This August will be our 15 years in business, no easy feat I assure you.  We have seen good customers, bad ones, good employees and bad ones and ignorant people and customers who turn into friends.  It was quite a journey I have to say.

Accessories For Music

This year we are investing on more musical instruments and accessories for our custoemrs.  We have been asked to order some  jimi hendrix fuzz pedal  for one customer and another just came in to ask if we had some training pads for the drum set he bought at our store.   We do have a lot of people who loved to play musical instruments around this town and it would be nice if we have more space to display the items because we have customers asking for harmonicas as well. But as much as we would love to have a bigger store, I think the right thing to do is wait for the right building to buy.  In the meantime, we will continue to do special orders for our customers.

Lunch Time @ The Store

So a customer told me that the boss should hire someone during lunch time, so that we can have lunch properly without interruption.  In which I replied that in our kind of small business, it is US or US – there isn’t anyone that can come in for an hour just to relieve us for lunch.    hahahha!!  and really I don’t mind having my lunch interrupted to be honest, better than paying someone 3 hrs for coming in and he talks and talks and talks non – stop while you try and have some peace and quiet.  So nope !  love to hire someone but not worth the hassle as of now.  So lunch as the store is usually take outs at the Zhu’s and I’m happy with it and if I needed to go out and have lunch with my g/fs, the boss will cover for me.

Bad Draft

So the boss finally put up a curtain between the bathroom area and where I am sitting because there is a bad draft coming from there for the longest time.  Even though we had mentioned it several times to the landlord, nothing had been done about it.  I have a heater on below my desk as long as I am in the store but still I’m always cold.  With the curtain, it does help a bit but the draft can be seen and felt better now.  Now I’m just waiting for the landlord to come into the store and I hope that the boss will take the initiative to show him how drafty it is sitting where I am.  And perhaps if we are lucky, he will fix it, one can always hope right?

Winter Renovation For The Store

We are planning to do a little bit of renovation at the store, so  Reid  it is to get all the tools we need for the DIY renovation work.  Why renovation?  because this winter, we are going to tackle the draft problem that we have had for years.  Sitting where I am, there is such a bad draft coming thru’ that I’m constantly cold and have a heater underneath my table.

Of course, the landlord isn’t doing anything about, so we are taking the bull by it’s horn and fixing it ourselves.  This way, I won’t be cold, the store won’t be paying so much to heat the store without bad draft and we can finally have a good winter from then on.

Slave Driver

When I tell ppl that the boss is a slave driver, I’m so not kidding!  Yes! we went to work in the blizzard that we had the other day! i’m not a happy camper that’s for sure.  But we went with him to work because I didn’t want him driving alone in such a weather!  But if it was up to me – I wouldn’t leave the house.

The store was busy despite the bad weather but that’s beside the point !  i still wouldn’t have gone in if the boss didn’t insist on going in *sigh*.  Sometimes I wanna smack that fella!

A Good Rest

A new year and a new start and the most important things in life isn’t money nor materialistic things but a good night sleep every night.  Without a good night’s rest, one cannot start the day well and eventually lead to having a lousy week.  So this year, we started the year with looking at the  the clean bedroom austin  for organic beds for not only ourselves but the kid. Why?  because both the boss and the kid has asthma and we heard nothing but good things about changing to an organic bed for health reasons.  So even though a wee bit more than what anyone wants to spend, I think this is a great long time investment.  I want a good 2014 for the entire family!

We Did It!

Yes! we did it!! we survived the holiday season without any help at the store! woohoo!!!  we are pretty resilient as you can see hahah!!  nothing really deters us.  You see, we had someone who helped us during our supper time and the busy season for the last few years and he said he didn’t want to help anymore.  So that’s ok, can’t force someone to help you when they don’t feel like it right?  afterall, we were thinking that we were helping him.

I didn’t really think that we wouldn’t make it but it would be a bit hectic for us since it was always busy during the festive season but we made it without no one getting sick or anything.  The kid was great during this time and I had a g/f who volunteered to send us home during the days she didn’t have to work and the boss didn’t have to close up at all during the festive season.  We even stayed open on Sundays during the month of December without any help! woohoo!!!

This made us realize something – that whatever the situation, we can make it work.  Hard work don’t kill no one  – now on the other hand, if you don’t work, you cannot buy the things you want – now that must be miserable.  I’ll take hard work anytime.

A Bass Guitar For Christmas

 Everyone is looking for an aria bass guitar  for Christmas this year, unfortunately, we don’t have them in stock.  But I know where they can get them and passed on the link for them to order online.  Yes, we are that kind of store, if we don’t have the product, we don’t mind sourcing it for our customers and they in turn can find it for their loved ones.

Some people ask me why we do that and my answer is always the same, why not?  if we don’t carry it, why not tell the customers where they can get one quickly and at a good price. Of course, if there was another music store in town, we would recommend that first but if there isn’t, the next best thing is to source them online.

Christmas Rush

The Christmas rush is on now – are you done shopping for your family and friends?  we are – but I’m tell you there are still lots of people who are not done shopping.  The store is completely crazy – our store I mean, it’s a non – stop people paying for things at the store.  We are sold out of all the good stuff but of course, lots of games and movies still.  But I’m telling you this year, there seems to be more people spending money at our store – it’s awesome!