Low tolerance

I don’t know wats with me .. and low tolerance for lazy and “act” dumb ppl..and those “fakers” on social assistance!! Maybe.. it’s because i’m so used to the asian society where we are always ultra-efficient.. and pro-active.. and don’t have unemployment.. like they do here.. and in the states..???!!?? Am i super efficient.. ??? No..! Hell no..!! But all I’m asking is for some decency.. in ppl… unfortunately.. there isn’t much who have some.. of course there are the rare few.. and i’m glad i know who they are.. and are acquaintances with them.. but you don’t find many “Gems” here.. 🙁
I know for sure .. i have very low tolerance.. for these ppl.. coz’ i just can’t stand them.. or be anywheres near them. And most are not really dumb.. they just act dumb.. and are definitely just lazy… as for those “fakers” on social assistance.. i don’t know wat word to describe them best..??!!?? Parasites..???!!!?? Deadbeat..???!!?? Freeloader..???!!??
The ppl we go thru’ as employees here.. are fantastic.. i tell you .. !! i have one that I can only tolerate for a few hours.. !! you had to tell her 10 times to F10 .. in order to get the phone # or the name of a customer.. and it was within the same hour… that we reminded her. Took an hour for her .. to put movies back onto the shelves. I don’t know if she was slow.. or just plain stupid..??!!?? But i’m really giving this one a benefit of doubt.. i think she is really, really slow.
I also have another fella we hired a few years ago.. and was fired 3 days later .. coz’ you can’t tell him .. wat to do in front of a customer.. coz’ it embarrasses him… so he said. OMG..!!! WTF..!!!
His fashion sense .. at work..??!!?? was even more fantastic.. !!! lol..!! he wore handcuffs.. on his jeans.. the first day he came to work..!! it was way too funny..! hahahha!! even thinking about it right now.. makes me laugh..!! When he came to work.. the very first thing he does.. was to check out the games.. and see which one.. he can rent .. when he was done work.. and he did it .. all 3 days.
Ppl here basicially don’t wanna work alot.. unless they get paid alot. They claimed that they are only paid minimum wage.. so they don’t put too much effort into their work. This mentality is one that i cannot reconcile.. even after being here for 4yrs.
One ex-employee who is now working for another establishment .. claimed that he would gladly assist us.. if we needed help… coz’ he was always around.. walking up and down .. down and up.. the aisle .. but when my spouse asked him to carry 2 computer chairs to the cashier counter…. he told us that .. he was only customer service.. and that he had to paged for someone else to assist us.. *frown*.. WTF..??!!!?? But he was willing to bring us a shopping cart if we want.. hahahahaha!!! way too funny..!! Well.. prolly tat’s why he was Mr Minimum Wage when he worked for us..???
Ppl here refuses to go the extra mile.. for their employer or for the customers. It is a totally different culture altogether from wat i am used to.. where we go 150% for our work and our customers.
It is way too sad.. to see folks here .. work the system.. meaning get unemployment.. in any way they can.. especially dishonest way. It amazes and sadden me.. wat ppl come up with.. just to get unemployment. As far as i am concern.. when they do that .. they take away.. what was meant for those “really” in need of the money. I know of some folks.. that is well capable of getting another job… and have 2 hands and 2 legs.. and are perfectly healthy… but they have no qualms .. getting social assistance.. and are pretty proud of it too.
To me… social assistance are meant for those in need.. meaning have a health problem… or physically disabled…. it’s not for those.. who just wants to sit home.. and do nothing.. or hang out at Tim Horton’s all day.
I know of a lady.. who still is on social assistance .. because she claimed that her children’s father is no longer with her… but they are absolutely staying together.. even till now. And the common-law-spouse is a fisherman, meaning .. he makes more money.. in 3 months.. than you and i.. and will be on unemployment for the rest of the 9mths. And yet… she is on social assistance.. goes to the food bank.. for food.. during festive season.. and is real proud of it.
I cannot comprehend why ppl do things like that. And yes.. i have low tolerance for ppl like those i’ve mentioned … because it’s just not right.. ! But who am i to say .. wats right.. and wats not right..???!!?? So ya.. i’ll just shut up.. for now.. !!
But i still have low tolerance for ppl who are fakers! lazy..and “act” dumb. Just my usual 2 cents worth. And it’s MY blog!
And if you wanna sue me… you MUST be one of the above.. or even worst. Bah!


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