Another milestone for tweety..??

Ever since Big R and M left for Halifax after school, we have been having a hard time finding replacements for them. Some hired on were either not doing the job right by being too relaxed or others are just completely not suitable for the job we have to offer.
We had to let S.R go because he cannot make up his mind whether he wants to work or not. And A .. he quit because he thinks he is not suitable for the job. We then hired on N, who was either too nice..??!!?? or just refuses to follow procedures and standards??!!??? We don’t know wat to make outta N??!!!??? Nice guy but way too… relaxed. Anyhow.. we hired on Cl.. and wow.. !! she worked out good… after a week.. we were thinking.. hey.. we could give her the keys to the store soon..!!! Hurray..!!! And a week into her job .. she was offered another job at offering her $13/hr …. money we can’t afford right at the moment.. even my store manager is making less than $13/hr.. so how to fight with .. a call center based in Yarmouth, HQ in NY. Oh well.. just our luck..???!!!??? But this time… i took it more lightly than I would have a couple of year ago … and looked at it.. on all positive sides. After almost 4 yrs in Yarmouth, NS.. I kinda am able to expect the worst from the ppl here.. or learnt not to expect any good employees to be found in Yarmouth..???!!?? Luckily we have .. our store manager who is steadfast.. and loyal.. 🙂
So i am learning to count my blessings everyday.. 🙂 Life has taken a strange turn .. in mine.. if it was before.. a long time ago.. in Singapore.. i would expect nothing but excellence.. in performance.. after being in Yarmouth for a few years.. I’ve learnt to lower my expectations .. and count my blessings.. 🙂 Like when once i can get any kinda food in Singapore in less than 30mins.. now.. i have to first hunt for the ingredients for months.. and then test cook them for months.. before i can get some local dishes.. 🙂
But life goes on.. and I’ve just gotta learn to relax more.. and be patient.. especially now I have a daughter.. and i wanna set a good example for my daughter.. 🙂

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