Crying baby

Chloe’s godma came all the way from Toronto to visit .. and as soon as Chloe heard her voice from the kitchen.. she started bawling..???!!!!??? This is so strange.. !! my baby is afraid of new faces.. and refuses to be carried by anyone except Chris and I.. and occassionally .. Jenn our store manager…!! I hope see grows out of it soon.. because even with her grammie.. she does the same.. and i think grammie is heartbroken.. 🙁 Afterall.. grammie spent a good 2 – 3 months with her.. when she was born.
Today was the hottest and most humid day we’ve had so far in Yarmouth, Chloe refuses to nap.. so we had to bring her to the store.. where it was much cooler compared to home.. and when she woke up .. she refuses to let Jenn our store manager carry her.. even for abit.. while i go get her milk… she hung on to me so tightly.. and wouldn’t look at Jenn.. poor Jenn.

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