A Real Trooper

Chloe was a real trooper today.. we had to be in the store as early as 12noon because we don’t have enough staffing. And Chloe was very well behaved the whole day.. and ate and slept as scheduled.. although she didn’t eat her solids too much. I put her in her stroller to go get some lunch.. but she didn’t like it alot.. and even protested abit.. but once i started moving the stroller .. she didn’t mind it so much.. 🙂 We count ourselves really lucky.. that Chloe naps half and hour every 3 hrs.. and goes to bed.. at around 9 – 9.30pm.. if her schedule ain’t disturb. Like yesterday … we came home late from the store.. and she took a nap .. while we were driving home.. so that upsetted her schedule..and she didn’t go down to sleep till amost midnite last nite.. and got up at 5am.. and another time at 9am.. usually she sleeps till 10am… thus giving us more sleep.. that we needed .. and was fussy in the morning for her da-da. But towards later in the morning.. she was alright. And her lower teeth are sticking out abit more today. Can’t wait to see them fully out.

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