Chloe’s ex-babysitter came to visit at the store yesterday.. and Chloe just took to her immediately.. !!! Baffled i am .. because Chloe hasn’t seen her for almost 3 weeks now..!!! I’m happy for Chloe that she can remember her of course.. because I don’t want Chloe to forget her either.. and when Chloe grow older.. i will certainly let Chloe know that she helped babysat her .. when she was an infant. When i told Mr C that she was in and chloe took to her immediately .. Mr C said.. she had her horns filed and hidden well.. hahah!! it was funny..!! Now that made me wonder once again.. but like i said.. i can’t take any chances with my daughter.. and i don’t wanna be one of those mom.. that regrets in the end.. and say.. why didn’t i do this.. or that.. because with Chloe i cannot afford any kinda mistake.. she is too precious .. to me. So yes.. i still stick by my decision.. that looking after Chloe on my own is still the best.

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