Gay husband??? or just Evil man..?? Or small town man..???

Someone came into the store yesterday evening .. and started telling our Store Manager that he hoped my daughter don’t look like me..???!!!???? Wonder wats that all about..???!!!??? His way of camouflaging that his daughter is not his..???!!!??? like we all suspect..??!!!??? Or in reality.. he is just gay.. ???!!!??? As we chinese believed .. that men don’t gossip.. nor are they petty..??!!?? or am I wrong..??? Well .. maybe there is a reason for him saying that.. since his spouse was fired from our store many years ago.. and they think that it had to do with me…. but in fact.. I never resort to firing unless absolutely necessary. Just ask our store manager.. who has been with us … for almost 2 yrs now.. and you will understand.. wat kinda moron we come across in our store. Employees who do nothing .. and wanna be paid weekly.. and when you counsel and counsel and re-counsel them.. they still don’t do wat you ask of them.. and they still think that they got fired because of personal agendas..!!! Oh .. Plllleeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! my life is more fulfilling than this.. !!!! I have no time for small pettiness .. nor small town thinking…!!! I wish ppl would come up to me.. directly .. and be sarcastic in front of me.. then to do it at the back of me.. because when I wanna be sarcastic to someone. .. i do it when they are around.. which i think is more effective.. don’t you think..??!!!??? Well.. to you-know-who-you-are… you can go on wishing that my daughter don’t look like me for a million years.. unfortunately .. your wish ain’t gonna come thru’.. because my daughter look every inch like me and my spouse….. and as for yours.. the two of yours will never look like you .. and you know why…!!

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