BBQ at Hectanooga 2004

Well.. day turned out to be raining.. suxs..!!! The turn out was great.. didn’t expect so many relatives. Some who are customers at the store and we didn’t even know that… hahah!! so no need to be nice to them anymore when they come into the store since they are family .. hahah!!! Chloe did pretty well.. and didn’t cry very much.. but she wouldn’t take her nap.. so we had to come home earlier than we planned.. and no fireworks as the weather was really gloomy. Almost everyone we know were at Snare Lake Lodge .. and the food was aplently and great.. i had quite a few things to eat. Unfortunately.. we didn’t have the wine we bought for the BBQ.. Chloe was beginning to get real fussy .. in the end.. so we had to leave. She slept on the way home. As usual.. Lynn and Helena were great hosts. Fernand must have lost some weight.. and so has Bobby. The kids are all grown up.. jeezeee.. i wouldn’t recognise any of them.. if they were at the mall. Bailey.. Megan .. Jake.. Thomas.. just to name a few.. boy have they grown. Too bad this year Brian didn’t come home. Would have made Helena really happy to see him visit too I am sure. Some old folks we didn’t recognise at all. Richard was at the lodge too.. i was surprised to see him. When chloe came home, she was in a good mood.. and she learnt how to put her hand over her mouth.. when she is making noises.. the way her da-da taught her this afternoon at the lodge. Everyone said Chloe was real cute!! But of course .. she is my daughter.

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