Not much of a summer and not looking forward to winter

We didn’t have much of a summer this year.. and it’s gonna be over too soon.. 🙁
I was telling my spouse.. about wat a long winter we had this year.. and when summer finally came.. we still didn’t have the best weather.. it was either still too cold.. or raining.. or humid or too muggy.. or now.. too hot.. for comfort..!! And no air-con at home.. !!! i hope next summer will be better because Chloe would be walking then.. and she would wanna do lots of things outside. I hope she likes her stroller better next year. And once again today.. the sky looks gloomy.. 🙁
Well.. i guess our yearly summer BBQ at Hectanooga.. is not gonna go well today.. and I thought we are gonna be able to fire up some fireworks tonite.. 🙁
Oh well.. i’m keeping my fingers cross .. for the fireworks.. bbq.. and mosquitoes.. ( i attract them.. like bees to honey.. I’ve had so many this year.. it’s unbelieveable..!! )

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