Supermarket Obsession

I swear I go to the supermarket everyday.. and it almost seems like we spent .. $ 50 – $100 everyday on buying something….. we’ve got so much food.. and yet sometimes.. i tell my spouse.. that i’ve got nothing to eat..!!! I must be crazy..!! I wow not to go to the supermarket for at least a week.. starting from today.. i am gonna eat everything and anything I can find in my house.. in my fridge and freezer.. by the way.. i have another freezer.. besides the one in the fridge..!! Full of stuff in it..!!! Ok .. Tweety.. no more shopping for food .. for a week now..!!!!! Plus .. we eat out at least once a day.. whether it’s KFC .. or Mac’s .. not Mac’s recently though.. once upon a time.. i used to have Mac’s everyday. At one point .. my spouse told me.. that we spent alot on food.. and i was pretty upset.. because I need to eat right..???!!??? And so does Chloe.. ! But my spouse is good with just hotdog .. while I must have something elaborate.. like my chinese food.. and they don’t come cheaply.. 🙁 But i so crave for my chinese food though.. so i don’t know wat i can do. My poor spouse .. didn’t say another word .. about food.. because i was pretty obsessed for a few days. Anyhow.. i am gonna try .. not go to the supermarket for a week.. and finish up any food i can get ahold of from home.. for a week.. that should give my spouse some relieve.. hah!!

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