Why do I even bother?

Too concern..?? overly motherly..?? or just plain.. waiting to get smack in the face. Everytime, I ask my spouse to go get something to eat, he would either say he is fine.. or he is not hungry. But everytime he doesn’t eat for a long period of time.. i noticed that he gets a uncomfy feeling in the tummy after eating.. which in my opinion .. is norm.. when you don’t eat for a long time.. and then eat.. you get gas, for some ppl .. it doesn’t bother them.. for some it bothers them more. So in order to avoid this discomfort.. i always encourage my spouse to eat like I .. every 3hrs.. but of course.. he refuses to see it my way. And whenever I ask him to go get food (moreso now..because we have to be at the store till late.. since we don’t have even staffing).. he makes me feel like a bug or when he eventually does go get food.. he does it so grudgingly.. and then i get all upset .. because of his attitude. So why do I even bother to even ask him to go get food..??? If I were home .. in singapore.. i would have smack his face.. and send him to London Square.. but for now… i am alone in a foreign country.. no car.. and cannot drive.. so cannot just up and leave.. when he gives me his attitude.. but one day.. one day.. when I am no longer around.. anymore.. i hope that someone treats him the way he wants.. ignore him completely..??!!!??? Don’t care whether he eats or not.. or if his stomach bothers him or not.. in the evening. I hope he gets someone he so rightfully deserve.
So my resolution .. from now.. no more asking him to go eat or get food.. and end up feeling like a damn fool.

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