Whose baby is she..??

Coming home from Zellers tonite.. my spouse and I were arguing about whose baby is Chloe… kekeke!! I feel that Chloe is more my baby .. because i carried her for 10months… and 2 more weeks.. because she was overdue.. and had a major op.. because of having her.. so she has to be my baby..!! My spouse argued that.. Chloe is his baby.. because.. without his super sperm… i wouldn’t have a baby.. lol! Because of my large fibroid.. my gynae back home told my spouse.. that i may not be able to get pregnant.. that’s is where the super sperm derived..hahah!! Well.. I see it this way.. Chloe is definitely more my baby than my spouse.. but she gets all her crankiness from my spouse.. and my busybodiness from me.. hahahha!!! But since she is 90% of the time.. a happy . and giggly baby.. so i think she is more like me.. than more spouse.. because my spouse rarely smiles.. nor chat .. and my Chloe is definitely a chatterbox.. and a marco polo.. my little explorer. So it’s settled …. she is MY baby..!!

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