8 Months Old

My little Chloe will be 8mths old today. For those who wants to see her in picture.. you can visit Chloe’s webpage 8 months .
Chloe has really grown alot.. and i tell you it’s alot.. not only in weight and height.. but also in intelligence.. and mobility.. and physically. From a tiny baby.. who couldn’t even turn herself over or hold her head up.. 8mths is incredible.. !!
She not only makes all sorts of sound… and faces.. and she smiles when you smile at her.. or she does her little shy action.. when she meets someone new.. or she screams when you take away her toys. From a tiny baby.. who only drinks milk.. she eats all sorts of food now.. from cereal.. to cheese and broccoli. From 4 oz of milk per feeding to 6 oz now. From neither being able to sit up on her own.. to crawling.. and standing up .. with the help of anything she can get ahold of to support her.
Thank you, God .. for giving Chloe to us. Thank you so much for giving us so much joy in Chloe. I cannot imagine living one day without her.

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