Can’t sleep without YOU..??

I went to bed at about 12.30am.. Chloe went to sleep at about 9pm.. but really only got to sleep good after midnite.. she did stirred quite abit before then. Had to pick her up a few times.. and my spouse came to bed at around 2.30am – 3am.. ??? I tried the hardest to sleep.. but never got any shut eye till my spouse came up to bed… !! Suxs!!! Big time..!! And i really cannot comprehend it..??? I never used to have this problem.. before we were together.. I’ve always been able to sleep on my own… so why this now..???!!!?? And I get really mad with myself.. because I know i have to wake up with Chloe at watever time .. she gets up.. and today.. it was at 6.45am.. and usually chloe doesn’t wanna go back to bed immediately.. after her milk..and i end up bringing her downstairs.. change her diapers.. and wait abit more.. till she wants to sleep.. and give her more milk.. and rock her to sleep.. and by that time.. i am wide awake..! SUXS..!! and am hungry.. so i make my breakfast.. clean chloe’s toys… do watever dishes .. or put them away.. or do payroll like this morning.. and remittance. and schedule for the store… and there goes another hour and 30mins.. ok.. i’m gonna try going to bed.. and hopefully chloe doesn’t get up yet.. otherwise.. i will not be able to sleep some more.. plus gotta be at the store by latest 12noon today.. because it’s a friday.. and need to go to Vanguard to do some advertising.. for our new price on game rental. SUXS!!!! @#$%%^^$$%

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