To change or not to change..??

Ever since I’ve been in Canada, I’ve been sorta seeing wat my spouse have to go thru’ with the employees he hired. It’s hard to find good help where we are and even harder to retain the good ones. The bad ones we can fire them fast enough. The heartache, headaches, the money, the training and on top of all these .. all the bullshit … he has to put up with. From employees not turning up to work, to those who turn up but don’t work and those who turn up and have his whole family come to work with them or their b/fs or g/fs hanging out at the store for the entire time they are at work. And those who turn up for work drunk, those who thinks that you are setting them up to embarrass them because you told them the right way to do things in front of a customer, or those who will call up and say he is gonna be late for work because his jeans is in the dryer.. and that he had fallen asleep the nite before and didn’t finish putting his laundry in the dryer. And those who can predict when they are gonna be sick. Not forgetting those… who brings all their family problems to work.. fighting at work with their spouse. And those who are on the internet the whole time they are working or working on their website. Plus those who wants to do things the way they think is best and refuses to follow your instructions. And many more… that i wouldn’t go on about.
We do have one good employee that came along.. she has been with us .. for more than a year.. but now .. she is planning to go back to school.. or do something.. “respectful”.. and we don’t know when she is gonna decide .. wat she wants to do… because she is very young still. Of course I encouraged her to go back to school… because if she was my daughter … i would want her to go back to school too.. and finish her school. I know it would sux big time for us.. if she leaves.. but I must do the right thing and cannot be selfish about it.. because it is just not like us to discourage her.. when we know that she is doing something good for herself. But like i said. it would SUX big time because we have come to really like her alot.. because she is sensible.. reliable.. and never argue back.. and someone we can trust and a good employee.
So if Jenn really leaves … we have to decide .. whether to change our opening hours or not..?? Because we can’t hire good employees.. we may have to work ourselves only. For I feel that it may be less heartache and headaches for us.. and we don’t have to deal with all sorts of bullshit. But with Chloe .. we don’t know how it is gonna work out… working on our own only. So the big question is to change our operation time and procedure .. or not..??!!!?? Or do we continue wasting money and time.. trying to find the right employee..??? Is it really so hard to find good ppl who wants to work.. and not give us any bullshit.. and hanky panky..????!!!??? It almost seems impossible to find good ppl around to hire and we are not the only one experiencing this staffing problem, apparently every small business is. So wats is the problem with this town..???!!!?? It cannot be only the wages.. ??!!!??? Because we do pay our employees.. not the top money.. but good money… and good hours.. so wat is the real problem…???? PPl here are too complacent… if they can work the government.. they will.. they go on unemployment.. and collect unemployment insurance .. anytime they can get a chance to .. instead of doing some honest work. I know of a previous employee.. who wanted us to up his pay.. and lessen his hours..hahahahah!!!! Funny person.. ! So when we wouldn’t do it.. he quit.. and collected unemployment for more than a year.. and until .. his unemployment ran out.. he wouldn’t work. I really don’t understand how someone can just sit home and do nothing.. and draw unemployment .. like an invalid..???!!!??? Of course if it was a genuine case.. i can understand .. those ppl drawing unemployment.. but for someone who can work.. and don’t wanna work and expect us to raise his pay.. and lessen his hours.. while he steals from us.. by offering his services to OUR customer at their home for computer repairs .. when we do computer repairs at our store??!!!??? He must think we are dumb.. or wat???!!!???
Anyhow.. i figured it would be best that we work ourselves instead.. if Jenn does leave.. and change the operation hours.. and plus.. Chloe will be growing older everyday.. so things wouldn’t be that bad.. i am sure.. but we’ll have to see. But it does suxs when you cannot get one or two good and reliable employees. Prolly gotta import some from the Philippines…. haha!!

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