Pink PowerBall Mouse



I have been meaning to introduce this to all bloggers. And yes.. i do have it physically at our store a few weeks now. Why i think it is very suitable for bloggers..?? you know lah.. we click so much.. to catch an opp, this combination of mouse and trackball that you hold in your hand and no need to stretch you hands to where your mousepad is, then can prevent sore shoulder blades and arms.

It sure took a little getting use to, just like a trackball, but it works really well. You’ve gotta hold it like a gun and for better stability you use your middle finger and your index finger resting on the top.

PB say this is a good alternative for people who has carpal tunnel.. but i think it’s best for bloggers who are doing sponsored post.. muahahhahaha!! At $29.99 .. small price to pay.. i have to say.. and we’ll ship it to you .. anywheres you are..! how’s that.. for being friends now.

Maybe a certain Ms Pink and Mrs Pink wants to order .. kekekekeke!!



  1. looks like a sticky tape dispenser


    Sure does.. doesn’t it..??!!?? hehhee!!

  2. U only have pink? And how much in RM incl shipping? Thanks.

    Hey.. Malaika’s Mummy,
    Yup.. only in pink for now. In ringgits.. i think it is about $90.00 and shipping gotta check.
    Let me know if you are interested ya.. 😉 best to get a whole bunch of bloggers.. and then it would be much cheaper .. 🙂

  3. is it a laser mouse? if it is, i’m pretty interested in it. faerieimp [at] gmail [dot] com

    Hey.. Imp,

    Nope.. not a laser.. it’s a trackball mouse.. 😉 still interested..??

  4. Dave McGrath says:


    I have these at my store. I hope they soon come out with a bluetooth Multi color or at least black silver.


  5. Hmm so how can find out shipping costs and possibly I order one

  6. I want one where can you get them???

  7. Is this still available? I really want two 🙂

  8. The Not So New Immigrant says:

    Sorry, no more stock.


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