Used PS3 Games

This is for my blogging buddy’s hubby … Andy for being such a wonderful hubby .. to my g/f, Barb..!! and to me of course.. for mailing out the good food from home all the way to Canada.  These are the games .. he might be interested in.

When Barb’s hubby had asked about used PS3 games.. i had told her that there might be a region problem.. with buying them from Canada.. and but he kindly informed me that .. it was region free… hahahhahaa!! now how silly i looked right..?? since we own a game store. .and all.  Oh well.. !! now at least i know.

We have like a few thousand games in all in our store for sale.. new and used ones.. and of course the used ones are definitely cheaper than the new ones.. and we warranty all our games.  Should it not work for any reason.. bring in your receipt.. and we will exchange or replace another of the same price for you.

And for those who don’t have their receipt.. i’m sure we can do something for you too.  Just play nice.. and we will too.  And never accuse us of selling you burned games.. because i will jump over the counter and smack you on the head.. because we WILL NEVER SELL BURNT GAMES. PERIOD.

These are some that Andy could be interested in.


  1. Thanks Jan for posting this up. I’ll get him to take a look later today 🙂

  2. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for posting the games, i already have Call of Duty 3 & 4 and also Spiderman 3. I am actually looking for a few titles (used) and they are listed below. No. 1 being the most preferred and 7 being least preferred 🙂
    1) Battlefield-Bad Company
    2) Resistance 2
    3) Bio Shock
    4) Brothers In Arms-Hell’s Highway
    5) Far Cry 2
    6) Assassins Creed
    7) Metal Gear Solid 4-Guns of Patriot

    Do you have any of these games? Thanks again Jan. Please do quote me the price plus shipping.


  3. Brothers in arms only in 360
    Assasins Creed – $25
    Metal Gear – $40

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