Bylaws On Signs

I’ve time and again told you that this town is extremely funny !  you see they even have bylaws for signs – that means you need to get permission to put up a sign and no flashing signs too.  Yes – apparently – flashing signs can cause accidents?  Mannn!! this people haven’t been to Las Vegas or Japan eh – muahahah!!  anyhow – we were out looking for door chime from the local hardware store when we heard a conversation between 2 customers that the sign bylaws were gonna be changed but there is going to be a big debate about it.

The town planner fears that with this new bylaws or freedom for putting up signs without getting a permit could lead to more cost – because they might be asked to remove it. *sigh* – how ridiculous right?  businesses need a permit to put up signs!  how is a business gonna thrive if they need a red tape on everything they are doing?  Makes no sense to me !  is the concern of the town planner a real concern?  I really can’t tell – but this town sure looks pretty dull in my humble opinion – even India has some awesome signs in the city. So more debate i heard soon – we didn’t continue listening as we needed our door chime and head back to work.

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