Revamping The Store

A few months ago – while we were up in Halifax – we visited another locally owned game store – and from what we saw – we came back with some ideas that we could use to revamp the store – with the little space we have.  From the beginning of opening the business – the boss had always done his own shelving – so when the other “Big” Movie Store decided to close its door – we bought some of their fixtures instead.  A lot cheaper than buying glass cabinets that we had originally planned.   Now some faux wood blinds for the back windows would be a perfect match for our new fixtures – if we could get the landlord to come up with the money for it.  But having dealt with the same landlord for the last 4.5 yrs – i think it would end up coming out from our own pocket.  They can’t even provide us with a spare piece of carpet.  I missed my old landlord – truth be told – if we could have turned the clock back – we would have done it differently – but for now – a small price to pay for the blinds that we want to pretty up our store.

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