I’ll Table That!

Poor Zach Churchill – the new MLA for this town – after watching the video on Friday during the Question Period – where he tabled numerous facts how the leading party’s decision on not funding the boat from Maine to Yarmouth is affecting this province more than dear Mr Dexter is trying to tell everyone – may indeed need some  anti aging product for Christmas presents.  Why?  well dear Mr Dexter is not letting up on his story either – and kept saying that tourism is up – while we all know here – that tourism is not up – people are not out looking for jobs because they are hopeful nor are rooms occupied in the hotels here.

I certainly applaud Mr Churchill’s attempt to bring the truth in plain English and facts – and like i said – he is not having it easy either.  The NDP’s are bringing him and all of us on a merry-go-round – when will this end.  In fact, if we don’t see a boat coming in Yarmouth next summer – we all know that not only Mr Churchill will need anti-aging products – a lot of us here will be needing it as well.  Already lots of local business men are packing up and closing shop because of the lost of ferry/boat –  so how can the Premier said it isn’t affecting us?  We certainly didn’t elect the wrong MLA – Zach Churchill – keep up the good work!

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