Winter BackUp Plans

Winter is definitely here – and every winter I’m afraid – afraid of losing power because it gets very cold here quick and winter is very harsh here for us.  In fact, I think the last few winter had been really nasty – so yes !  year after year we can only pray for no power outages and the other thing to do is to get a back up generator that way – we know we would be left in the cold till we find somewhere to go – or get dig out from the snow.

Places like the old folks home has several honda generators for days like that – and we’ve always joked that we could always hop over to the old folks home if we do lose power and we don’t have a generator. But it is definitely a lot easier to have a back up generator ourselves – and one at the store – plus it is not so expensive to get one these days.  So if you are like us – have a store and have kids – a back up generator is definitely a good investment.  Staying warm is so important especially if you have kids.

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