Gaming On Friday Nights

I have to take my hats off to the spouse ! why?  every friday night – they have gaming sessions in our store – but as you can see – the store is really busy on a friday and each time a customer needs help – which is often – he had to stop – serve the customer first and then go back to gaming. He won’t let me stay back to help him out – now that the kid is back in school – and insist on doing it this way *slap forehead*  And yes! the store had been busy – we are getting a lot more popular these days – since we are the only movie store in town and also the most reasonable priced computer repair shop with the fastest service.  Sometimes, I’m tempted to hire someone to help – but I dare not – after all, we had been bitten so many times – it’s crazy to think that anyone would really work because they want your store to thrive except ourselves.

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