Mild Winter

Although most people wouldn’t agree with me – i find that thus far – we’ve had a very mild winter as compared to previous years or is it me being a lot more Canadianized.  Come March this year – it would really be my 12 years in Canada – and during this time – I know that I’ve been disappointed with some of the customers here and a lot of the employees that we’ve had.  I’ve met many good friends here – and have kept them for a long time.  Unfortunately, for the spouse – I find that most of his long time friend isn’t that good a friend – in fact, most of my good friends – eventually becomes his friend too – because he knows how much i appreciate them.

Owning a business in Canada – isn’t as easy as some people may think – about 3.5 yrs ago – the store wasn’t doing as well as we had wanted to.  The spouse made some bad decisions on things and of course – we lost a lot of inventory due to the fact that we rent new games and movies out.  The day he decided not to buy new games anymore – was the day – the business turned around.  We don’t make millions of dollars but you can say that we don’t owe anyone any money  – we are also comfortable with having the store and not worry about the next bill from the supplier or power bill or rent – because we have been doing quite well for ourselves.

So maybe i find that the winter is mild – because there is no need to stress about a lot of things no more – no employees to raise my blood pressure, no bullshit – no trying to do right by time – no trying to reschedule around them.  No worries about stupid lies from employees – our attitude these days is – don’t know don’t care.   We just look after our family, kid, store and ourselves – the hell with the rest.

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