Wii Fit & The Board

I love my Wii Fit and we do sell them at the store – but some people think that the Wii fit and the board can do miracles – and I hate to burst their bubbles – because even though it does help with losing weight – you have to work at it – 5 times a week – 30 mins a day – and eat proper.   If you don’t eat proper – even the the best weight loss pills cannot help you.  Whenever I sell the Wii Fit  & the board – i remind the buyer to make sure that they take the right supplement to burn their fats and if they are using weight loss pills – they should see results quicker – but to remember to eat proper and stop drinking pop ( pepsi, coke & orange)

Ever since I became a diabetic – I not only learned how to read labels for the sugar content – I also learn to read labels for how many calories are there in the things we eat.   The problem with being diabetic is – when the calories is high – some food does not have sugar.  But those with low calories have more sugar – how ironic isn’t it.   So if you are buying a Wii Fit and the Board – trying to lose weight – yes it can help for sure – but make sure you eat proper  – fish 3 times a week – baked or steam and never fried would be the best.   Definitely make you lose some weight there – easy on the potatoes please.

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