Saving Money On The Road

We used to travel to the city a lot for work – like visiting suppliers and looking at new products to bring into the store – many years ago.  And because of the traveling on the road so much – we also have roadside assistance that we had paid for – on  a yearly basis.  But when we got busy and had less employees – we were no longer able to go up to the city as often as we want to.  But since last year – we have been making more trips to the city for work – since the store is more stable now – and this year – we anticipate at least 6 trips to the city for work – within the next few months – plus we also have 2 trips to make to Moncton and Toronto for a family vacation and weddings – I’m glad that our roadside assistance covers both our RV and car  – and that really helps – because we don’t have to worry if we do get start in the middle of nowhere.   So yes – we are saving money big time on the road – and have a peace of mind – wherever we go.

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