Outdoor Sales For Spring

We are preparing to put some table out in front of our store and attract by – passser to come into our store – like we do every spring and summer.  But this year – I’m well-prepared – with sun-tan lotion and youthology for my wrinkles – no way am I going out there to battle the harsh sun without both.  People don’t know that working out in the sun even just sitting down and looking after a table of goods – can caused both sun burn and wrinkles if you don’t take proper care of your skin.  Today, we had just gone to get sun tan lotion for the kid – for school afterall, it will get hotter everyday now from now on.  But for old farts like me – I have to make sure I take care of those wrinkles as well – can’t got out there facing customers – without trying to look my best eh.

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