The Owner & Dog

They say that the owner and the dog are said to look the same and behave the same – and so true in many ways – when it comes to the employer and employees.  How an employee behaves – is actually a reflection of how the employer behaves – and I can boldly say that it’s true because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Some people sent their employees to come to our store to buy stuff and one particular person is not only rude but utterly ignorant.  I try to acknowledge this person when he/she comes into our store – but he/she would ignore me.  So from this day on – I shall not acknowledge this person no more.  Should I see him/her in or out of our store – I shall treat him/her as invisible.  Nobody is more superior than another human being – more-so if this person has nothing to do with us or our business – except being a association because his company deals with ours.


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