Skin Care At Work

When I used to work for someone – I was careful of how I looked  because I meet with customer/s all the time – I represented the company – so it was important that I am wearing make – up and look proper.  Unfortunately, being the owner by association to the spouse’s business – you don’t have to look good for your employees right?  but one still need to look good for the customer – so even though I’m not so paranoid or worried about my looks – I still bring some of my skin care to work – because the weather here is too dry and when you have hot air all around the store – all the time – it just dries up your skin so much more faster.  Some of my other co-workers had used gratiae before and i read up a little more about it – to see if by changing brand – would help with my skin care – after all, I do like using organic skin care.  One thing I know for sure is if you work – you shouldn’t leave your skin to take care of itself – especially those who work long hours like myself.  So right in the middle of the day – I usually like to freshen up – and spray some cool mist on my skin and give it a little moisture.  What about you?

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