Illegal Business

Why can’t people understand that we won’t do anything illegal at the store?  we don’t want to get into trouble with the law and if everyone starts burning movies and music cd – where would we be for our business? Today a guy walks into the store and asked if we burnt music CDs – the boss said no.  He asked if we know any internet cafe where he can download music and then burn them off – we said we don’t.  He asked where can he get on the internet – we told him the library perhaps – he then continued to ask if the library does burning of CDs – we said we doubt.   He then asked if we know where he can download music – we said we don’t know – he was then quite upset – and we explained to him – downloading music and burning it or movies is illegal – so we don’t touch it with a yard stick or go anywhere near it.  We don’t want to be going against the law right?  some people just don’t get it.

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