New Anchor For The Mall

The rumor has it that since Zellers had been bought over by Target USA – they are not going to convert this Zellers into a Target store – so the mall will need a new anchor tenant.  I’m hoping that we get another Kmart – because years ago – the boss told me they had a Kmart and they had all sort of deal at the Kmart.  A lot of people loved Kmart – and we could use kmart coupons for shopping.  Unlike the current store locally – we don’t get coupons – so we can’t save as much as we would like.   Therefore, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping against all hope that we get another Kmart as anchor tenant.   I asked the mall manager about it the other day – but she was quite secretive about it – but she didn’t set me straight – so I’m very hopeful.

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