Fashionistas @ Cosmetic Counters

Once upon a time – I loved to go to cosmetic counters and try new cosmetics and skin care products all because of the fashionistas @ the cosmetic counters.  But after coming to this little town – I don’t really look forward to going to any cosmetic counters – because most of the girls there are – lets just say – don’t speak for the product.  I guess now I know why in Asia – they want the young and pretty plus sexy ones on their cosmetic counters – because beauty and slim looking girls sells stuff.  They give you confident – to promote the product.  Which made me think of the way I dressed up our store many years ago   – let me explain – if I had wanted to tell people that eyelash growth products here are the best  – then I have to have the longest eyelash right?  or put on fake ones – if necessary.   But if I have a store full of computer parts – how am I going to promote eyelash growth products to anyone at all.  Likewise, I dressed up the store in such a girly manner – with flowers and ponds – now how were people gonna take our store seriously as a computer and game store?   So yes  – coming back to the fashionistas at the cosmetic counters here – you can now understand why I don’t play dress up no more right?  especially seeing a 200 pound woman wearing a tube in this town – I figured I won’t need to compete a lot with anyone  – just as long as I don’t put on any tubes.

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