Talented Canadian In Town

Apple of my Eye by Kelly Bellamon

We have many talented people in this town – and one of them is Kelly and her daughter  – a customer of our store and a very good looking one too.   She sings very well and plays several instrument – I loved her voice a lot – so when someone asked if we have any talent in Yarmouth, I think of Kelly all the time.  And if I were Kelly, I would put out a CD and get someone to do her cd duplication service and start selling her cds.   We’ve been asked many a times if we would do the cd duplication for our local talent here – but we don’t have the time nor the equipment to do it – but with a voice like Kelly’s, it would really be a pity if she didn’t put her voice on a cd and start to get some recognition for them.   You check out the music yourself and let me know what you think.

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