Gynecologist Center In Town

You would think that with birth rate so high in this town – someone would try to bring a  Gynecologist Center into this town.  But nope we haven’t seen anything like that in this town – and we certainly could use one – for I remembered when I had my kid – there was no gynecologist in town except for one.  I was indeed worried and I wished that each time I had to see a doctor – they would have at least the  fetal doppler to check on my baby  even though they didn’t have the ultrasound machine in the pre-natal clinic.  It was really a time when I was so frantic about the health of my baby especially when I came from a country who is so advanced medically.  Back home 3D ultra-sounds were already introduced.

While it was just announced that the provincial government is giving a million dollars to the hotel for upgrades and keeping jobs because of the lost of the ferry.  I think if they would spend it on giving us a well equipped gynecologist center – for the woman/girls here – it would definitely be a plus.  Keeping the jobs is important – but the health of these women having babies and having women problems need to be address too.  I vote for a new Gynecologist center anytime – or an upgrade in equipments like a 3D ultra sound machine and many fetal doppler for the pre-natal clinic.  This Christmas – my wish for this town is a better gynecologist center for this town.

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