Inspired By Local Reporter

Inspired by a local reporter in this town – I’ve decided that I will also invest on a good beach cruiser with a basket like the one above and some suv bike racks – so that I can ride my bike to work everyday – and then when we pick the kid up from school I can ride home myself for some form of exercise.   On weekends this year, we shall all go to the beach and go biking and keep healthy.  Now the weather is too call but I think I might get some sort of deal if I shop now.

I really do love biking – and I’ve always wanted a cruiser bike but had been too el cheapo to buy a good one – so no more stinging on myself and giving out money this year but first to take care of myself.  I can’t wait to order my cruiser bike from Manser the bike person and of course, need to check out on those bike racks.

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