Another Study? More Money ?

Yes, that was what was asked of the town by the people who runs a downtown organization that is trying to promote downtown as a shopping destination.  For me – I say shut down Starrs Road and that’s the end of the story right? Nope not so easy – but what is this study about and money for?  we only learned about it after the town meeting that the group wants to hire on and expert to help the group to refocus.  But wait a minute – do they really want to spend that kind of money – since the town is doing so poorly?

We went into the meeting uninvited because we were curious to know what the huge amount of money can bring for downtown – after all, anything to do with downtown we needed to be interested in.  But yes, there were a lot of arguing but a talk with the person the gorp wants to bring in, did make sense and I’m hoping that they can meet in the middle for the sake of downtown.

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