Work Wellness

I used to work for a huge organization that was very concerned about our health and wellness.  I remembered how the Training Dept used to have some wellness program in conjunction with the National Wellness week – and since I was at the time in the Training Dept – I know for sure how important it was to get everyone doing the exercises and losing the weight and going for cholesterol checkup and so forth.   I think that some of my female co-worker would loved to know how to lose weight especially those who are sitting in the office all the time.  Unfortunately, some 20 years ago we didn’t have the internet to look up on HCG injections Austin or diet plan or anything to do with losing weight.  So now – people who works in offices have no excuses as to why they cannot lose weight – there are massive of information one can get from the internet.  I know that here in the West the companies do not promote work wellness – but folks like myself who sits all day to work on the computer – really, we should be doing more exercises and eating less and looking for healthiness plans.   No excuses! after all your health is really the most important thing right?

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