Economic Development In Town

More than 2 months ago – the town announced that they’ve hired an economic development officer – HALLELUJAH! but as of today I’ve yet seen any recommendation or any work done for the town except for a poll put up on facebook asking the people where the improvement or money should be spent on.   Mann!  if the economic development officer’s job is just to do tht – they should have hired me on – or a dozen more people that are also qualified.

Not that I’m putting him down – but I’ve yet to meet that person – around town – how can one be a development officer when you are just sitting in your office and doing paperwork alone?  Planning and strategic meetings need to be held and in a public position like his – I strongly feel there is a need to talk to the business owners personally and not just with a few people whom he think is important.  I am really hoping against everything negative that this money spent on hiring this officer would bear fruits and that the town would see some returns and results.

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