Freedom Of Speech

One thing that I don’t missed of home is the Freedom of Speech.  Recently, some teenagers were in the town hall showing their disgust that the government put some kids out of a home that could have been a safe haven for them – while they try and sort thru’ stuff.  I’m very proud of these kids – at least they dare to speak up – they dare to challenge the government. Had this been back home – they would probably be in lock up and their parents need to bail them out – or they would need to go to court for unlawful assembly.  Back home you can’t say anything bad about the government – so Freedom of Speech is not something I missed at all.

As a migrant – I’m truly amazed at some of the things the people say about the government – but they so deserved it because they are really not doing the best for its people.  The taxes is high – and you can see that the ruling party like back home is playing it the way they liked it.  But I guess all government body is this way eh.  I hope they do something for these kids – some really do need a lot of help.

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