Bring Your Kid To Work Day

For some it’s not often but for us since we owned our own business and don’t have anyone to babysit our kid, we have no choice but to bring her to work.  And of course, we have play dates at work too, luckily we’ve sectioned out a space for her to play and watch tv with her friends and of course our trusted yo yos for all the kids to play together.  When the kids are bored, we tell them to compete against each other on how long they can play with their yo yos and also what kind of different tricks they can come up with.  It’s fun seeing them enjoy my childhood game this much and the ones who come up with the most tricks usually get one to bring home – or a prize candy.   So if you have a bring your kid to work day, try buying some yo yos and let your kid practice and play with them when they get bored after the initial few hours.  It works all the time for us.

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