New Cafe Opens In Town

подаръциикона за подарък

So the new cafe opened for business a few weeks ago and I’ve heard really good reviews of the cafe – but it is high end food I have to warn you and with granite countertops houston that they are using, you can imagine how much they paid to renovate the entire place.   The counter tops from houston were very beautiful, in fact I liked it so much – I had to ask them where they got them from that is how I knew they were from a place in Houston.

Food was lovely, the ambiance even nicer but it’s a small cafe and they are now opened till 8pm from 8am.  I would love to try their desserts with some friends some day but I know that there must be more than the desserts that are good.  It’s really good to see new businesses opening downtown and I really hope they do well and is successful.

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