Sunday’s Business

We have been opened for business on Sunday for more than a year now and no we don’t work on Sundays – we have someone who does – and he’s very good with the store – we don’t have to worry about the store on Sundays.   So is it worth opening on Sundays – I say it is because we are afterall a movie place and people do need their entertainment and games on Sundays – not often but when they do we want to make sure that we are open to get their money – hahha!  well, not really true – we want to be there for the customer/s.  But yes, it is always slow but we make enough money to stay open plus it’s something that Gary can do – and he loves it – so it’s like killing 2 birds with a stone.


  1. I am sure your regular customers appreciate the fact that you are doing that for them. Yes, Sunday is movie day for us over here as well but we don’t do the rental thing. We download on our own or nick it off our family and friends. Sharing is caring, no? Things are different in Malaysia/Singapore vs. Canada. =)

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