Trucking Along

So the boss bought a truck – a few years ago and his reason was to move stuff from the store to home and vice versa and sometimes to deliver stuff to customers.  Well, of course  I didn’t stop him from buying it because the truth is we do need a vehicle to move things around – else I would have to beg friends and customers to help us whenever we needed to move heavy stuff around.  Anyhow, we got the truck and used it for a few months and then the used truck needed fixing and in the end we spent a lot more money on truck than we had care to.  We also looked into some  curt trailer hitches  to use in the future in case we needed to haul more stuff around like when we are moving the store from one location to another.  That way, the boss don’t need to make an excuse to buy a bigger truck.  I’ve seen a lot of people using those trailer hitches and it’s easy and very convenient to store away when you are not using it.   And the trailer hitch will probably last forever, so it’s a great investment if you ask me.



  1. Charmaine says:

    I would love to drive a beast like that around town. Everyone will get out of my way.

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