Store Improvement

I liked everything to be locked up if possible.  Why?  simple reason – don’t have to worry about stuff getting stolen.  And yes, there are way too many crooks in this town and they are literally not ashamed of it – even when they are caught stealing and cheating on you.  In fact, they are quite proud that they scammed you, and they try and steal stuff under your nose and if you only have one kidney left and they so much as think they can get it outta you – they would.

So when these old/new glass cabinets came up for sale on Kijiji – the boss bought them immediately, but now I see he isn’t going to put some of the glass panels onto the cabinets – now that pisses me off big time.  Why? oh Why ?  do you buy a glass cabinet and not want to lock up your things!!!!???!!!!  *slap forehead*  but not to worry, I won’t say anything now – because they are still re-arranging them and cleaning them – wait till it’s all done and I’ll coax him to put on the glass one panel at a time. hahaha!

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