Back Pain While At Work

 3 weeks ago, my back started hurting where the spine is.  I know I didn’t do anything strenuous at all nor could I have a slipped disc  – not possible.  So I was guessing, it was probably strained from carry my kid and some baby that belongs to a friend.  Anyhow, I started taking pain killer with codeine in it but it didn’t helped at all.  Everyone’s advise was to go see a doctor or a chiropractor but I know that it wasn’t that serious and time will ease the pain and I will get some relieved some time soon.  But after having the painf or 2 weeks, I was beginning to get worried, especially if one needed to work and look after a kid full time.  Of course, my back is feeling much better now and then I saw this meds called traumeel  – now if i had known about this meds – I would have tried this too.  This meds sounds really like something I need and they are about the same prices that I paid for – my pain killer with codeine.  What a little research on the net can do for one eh.

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