Selling & Buying Used Computers


We buy and sell used computers all the time at the store and buying and selling of used computers are a lot more profit than selling a new computer if you must know.  But there are work to do when someone brings their old computer to sell to us – first we have to  erase hard drive  , clean everything up and make sure that all the drivers are in them before we can place them out for sale.  So if you bring in your computer to us, you can actually make it easier for us if you erase your own hard drive first – so that all your personal information will not land into another person’s hand by accident.  Sometimes, we also upgrade the ram before putting them out for sale – that way the customer buying the used computers will be able to have a better computer with just a little bit extra.

You will be surprised how many people come in looking for a used computer – whether for a back up computer, or a computer for their children or older parents.  But yes, we do sell a lot of these used computers and will keep selling them at a good price but of course, we will make sure that you will get the best out of what you need it for.

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