Two Little Rascals @ The Store

Unfortunately, the 2 little rascals that comes into our store don’t look anywhere or anything as cute as this one in the picture, if it wasn’t against the law to put their pictures up I would have done so.  Anyhow, these 2 little rascals don’t only bother us at our store but also at other stores and these boys or rather one is the rascal and the other one is just a follower – who goes around stores and start touching things and asking if they can have it for free. If you say no – they asked why? or they would beat up your goods – how naughty are these boys you tell me.  Where do they come from? and who are their parents to let them roam around people’s store and disturb a legitimate business.  As soon as they come into my store – they are kicked out immediately.  If the boss is around, they want to know if what I say stands *arrrrrrrrghhhhh*  of course, what i said stand – what were they thinking !!

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