End Of The Year Sales

So the end of the year is near – and like every business owners – we want to know how our neighbors are doing too – just out of curiosity and not for bragging rights. So it looks like the merchants downtown are doing alright – in fact  alot of them are announcing at par to last year’s sales and profit margin about the same.  Well, I’m darn happy to hear that to be honest – you really don’t want to see any other merchants downtown doing bad at all – because that just isn’t good for the economy downtown at all.

I wished i can buy all my christmas presents for everyone after Christmas from big chain stores like Walmart – because basically they are the same stuff but 50% less.  Maybe, I should make plans to do that – like announced it to friends and family about it – because that would definitely be the smarter way to shop – don’t you think?  but nah!  i doubt if my kid would appreciate it or any kids.  Well, maybe I can get the kids stuff before Christmas and after Christmas I can get gifts for my friends at the 50% discount – muahahha!

Anyhow, yes ! i’m trying to be an el cheapo and it doesn’t mean that if our store is doing good – I have to waste my money when I can actually get it at 50% off a few days later right?  And yes, we did better than last year and yes we are pleased with it but I’m still not running out to get myself a Gucci handbag to reward myself – no way!  Whenever I see how some of our customers spend their money – I worry for them – because I can never spend that kinda money just because – I need to be able to justify why I’m spending so much money.

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