Dog Friendly Town

When some dog owners complained that our town isn’t a dog friendly town, I think they are mistaken.  The town had put in so much effort for dogs and its owners to the extend of providing poop bags on Main Street for dog owners who do not pick up their dog poops was another example of how the town wants to encourage dogs to be downtown.  It’s the irresponsible owners who refused to pick up after their own dogs that makes the people in this town upset.  Dog lovers spend all sorts of money on their dogs and some bought  dog beds for large dogs  on a special site just because they have a huge dog, so why can’t they buy their own poop bags and pick up their dog’s poop?

Making it harder for those irresponsible dog lovers  who insist on dirtying the down to get away is the first and foremost thing to do.  Why go the round about ways right?  just give it to them straight.  And those regular town folks who hangs around the coffee shop should report irresponsible dog owners and get a stiff fine for these owners – that way they would never do it again.


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