Doing Business In A Small Town

 Tis’ not easy doing business in a small town.  We want to expand and I think it’s about time but to find the right building or to build one ourselves or even to bring investors in seems almost impossible without having to kiss someone’s you know what.  It’s very frustrating – the right location that we want – cannot be expanded and I was just told that even if we had the money, we have to be friends with the croakiest lawyer and politician.

I love the town, don’t get me wrong but we also want to own a building to call it our own – 14 yrs in business this august – we need to have something to show besides inventory right?  Got cash, got credit but no building that we can buy or rather, the buildings we want, is not up to code or the boss wants to turn a restaurant into a store – I say it’s crazy but he thinks it’s feasible ?  *roll eyes*.  Of course, anything can be done – but not without spending a lot of money – so unless he is ready to spend that kinda money to bring in some good construction ppl, he will only be getting a lot of headaches.  So yes, not easy at all and truthfully, I don’t wanna keep renting – do you?

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