Busy Summer For The Town

Yup!  it had been a busy summer for this town even though the ferry is not bad in service yet but it is looking hopeful as of today because they are in the final stages of negotiation and it looks like the Nova Star is the ferry that has won the contract to service the route from Maine, Bar Harbour to Yarmouth.  One can only hope that the deal will be signed soon and then the town can really be relief and not be kept guessing of its outcome.

A new Japanese restaurant just opened its door and of course the new food wagon also in town, all the good food in town and I’ve heard rumors that burger king isn’t far away from opening now.  What about us?  we have been so busy – it’s crazy!!  I’m trying very hard to stay at the store more because of how busy it is and although our help had been good, there are some stuff we have to take care of it ourselves.

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